Unlike the at-home tests, where tested parties collect their own samples at their convenience, Health-Link’s Legal paternity test uses the Chain of Custody to ensure that you receive legally admissible results (accepted by courts and other government agencies). In all of our DNA tests, we:

  1. Run each test twice, following the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.
  2. Complete testing typically in 48 hours (after the samples are received in the lab).
  3. Follow a strict Chain of Custody to ensure results are legally admissible.
  4. Maintain confidentiality of each case using strict communication protocols.
  5. Schedule convenient appointments close to your home or office through our comprehensive network of collection sites.

More About Paternity Testing

DNA Test Options

Tested Parties

In order to perform a standard paternity test, samples are typically obtained from the child and the alleged father. A DNA sample from the mother is not typically required by may be helpful in some situations.


Chain of Custody

In order to ensure that you receive legal DNA Test result, the samples are collected using a strict Chain of Custody process. Our lab is also accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).


Prenatal Testing

We often work with customers who would like to know the paternity relationship even before the child is born. We’re able to test prenatal samples in such situations.


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