Paternity Testing

A paternity test is a DNA test which is done to determine whether a man is  the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA (genetic material) from our biological parents. During conception, we receive half of our DNA from our mother and the other half from our father.  A paternity test compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the alleged father to check for evidence of this inheritance—which is the most definitive proof of a biological relationship. For Spanish

The result of a paternity test is either an exclusion (the alleged father is not the biological father), or an inclusion (the alleged father is considered the biological father). For a standard paternity test, Health-Link guarantees at least 99.9% probability of paternity for inclusions or 100% certainty of exclusion. When legal testing is done, the results are admissible in all 50 states. We also do International testing for Immigration when needed.

Unlike the at-home tests, where tested parties collect their own samples at their convenience, Health-Link’s Legal paternity test uses the Chain of Custody to ensure that you receive legally admissible results (accepted by courts and other government agencies). In all of our DNA tests, we:

  1. Run each test twice, following the most stringent procedures to guarantee accurate and conclusive results.
  2. Complete testing typically in 48 hours (after the samples are received in the lab).
  3. Follow a strict Chain of Custody to ensure results are legally admissible.
  4. Maintain confidentiality of each case using strict communication protocols.
  5. Schedule convenient appointments close to your home or office through our comprehensive network of collection sites.

Tested Parties

In order to perform a  standard paternity test, samples are typically obtained from the child and the alleged father. A DNA sample from the mother is not typically required by may be helpful in some situations.*  The cost for this DNA test is typically $350. *Discounts Available

*The mother’s participation in the paternity test helps to exclude half of the child’s DNA, leaving the other half for comparison with the alleged father’s DNA. However, we can perform a paternity test without mother’s participation (called a motherless), which involves additional analysis, without any additional charge. Results are equally conclusive whether or not the mother participates. Motherless tests are guaranteed to have at least a 99.9% probability of paternity for inclusions and 100% for exclusion.

We also can test additional children or alleged fathers if needed; there is an additional DNA testing and analysis fee of $150 for each additional tested party. Therefore, you can save $200 by testing the extra individual at the same time. Whereas, if you tested two alleged fathers and one child OR one alleged father and TWO children separately, it would be $350 + $350 instead of $350 + $150 for the extra participant.

DNA Chain of Custody Process

In order to ensure that you receive legal DNA Test result, the samples are collected using a strict Chain of Custody process. Our lab is also accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).  Results may be used for child support, courts and other government agencies such as Immigration or Social Security.

Pre-Natal Paternity Testing Options

We often work with customers who would like to know the paternity relationship even before the child is born. We’re able to test prenatal samples in such situations. There are two options for prenatal testing: Non-Invasive and Amniotic Fluid Testing.

The Non-Invasive method involves drawing a sample of the mother’s blood (preferably after at least 12 weeks gestation (the babies dna will be circulation in the mother’s blood stream). We are able to isolate the babies DNA profile from the mother and then compare it to a sample collected from a simple cheek swab from the alleged father. This is the newest form of prenatal testing and as such is a bit more costly than other methods. At Health-Link, we strive to keep our costs as low as possible and the non-invasive test is currently $1,500 and takes about 5 days to obtain results.

While it is less costly, $450- the Amniocentesis process in seldom performed due to the risks associated with the procedure. It does require that your local OB/GYN physician collect the samples and most physicians are reluctant to do so due to the risks involved. It is typically considered more prudent to simply wait until after the child is born and simply obtain the samples by an oral cheek swab. Should you elect to have the amniocentesis prenatal testing done, simply contact your Ob/Gyn physician and inquire if they would be willing to collect the samples. If so, call us with the contact information of the physician and we in turn will coordinate directly with them.

DNA Paternity Testing Without the Alleged Father

We can also test other samples when the alleged father is unavailable or deceased. A viability test may be required to ensure that a viable DNA sample is available on the samples.

For customers seeking peace of mind without intending to use the results as legal evidence, we also provide the best at-home paternity testing in the industry.

For a free consultation or to order a test or call 1-888-712-9639. One of our caring, knowledgeable case managers will review the information you provide and guide you through the testing process. Or click here for more information on the DNA test costs

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