All DNA tests are AABB accredited and Legally Admissible!

About DNA Testing

What is DNA testing?

So, DNA Testing, what is it? In the simplest of terms, DNA testing is a highly sensitive scientific method of Identification. DNA Testing can be done to identify an individual or their relationship to another or even to identify genetic traits and pre-disposition to illness or disease (as with a “carrier). We know that there is only one You, that is because of your DNA. Your DNA is unique to you – Unless of course if you happen to have an identical twin. In such cases, your DNA will be identical as well.

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is a fundamental molecule found in all living things. DNA is the basis for heredity, traits are passed on from parents to their children. When one becomes pregnant, the sperm contains one half of the DNA that will make up the child and the woman’s egg contains the other half. It also contains instructions for our body cells to perform their specific functions. When we look at an individual’s DNA Profile, we can clearly see that one of the DNA marker matches the mother while the other half matches the father.

Human DNA contains tightly coiled strands called chromosomes, found inside the cell nucleus. There are 46 chromosomes in each human cell.

What is the purpose of DNA paternity Testing?

DNA Testing to determine paternity or parentage testing uses DNA, the biological basis of inheritance, to prove or disprove the relationship between a child and an alleged father. It is based on the fact stated earlier, that we all inherit half of our DNA from our fathers and half from our mothers.

To perform a DNA paternity test, DNA samples are taken from the child and the alleged father (and the mother, if she’s available) and are sent to our lab. Samples are commonly obtained by rubbing a few cotton swabs on the inside cheek (buccal). We purify the DNA and prepare it for testing with a battery of at least 16 DNA markers, producing a genetic profile for each tested individual. The child’s profile is then compared with the profiles of the mother and alleged father to confirm that he or she has inherited DNA from the alleged father. We then perform statistical analysis to calculate the Probability of Paternity. For legal purposes, most states require that DNA Test results be between 95-99.9%. Health-Link provides original, notarized results so that our clients may use the DNA test results for child support, custody, social security benefits, etc.

Are DNA Test Results Reliable?

Answer: You betcha! DNA paternity testing is 100% accurate. Our lab performs the entire process twice by separate Scientists to ensure accuracy. We also maintain a strict Chain of Custody on all samples and all testing is in accordance and accredited by the AABB.

The DNA results are expressed in “probability of paternity”. The Probability of Paternity is a statistical measurement of the likelihood of the biological relationship. In the case of an inclusion result (the alleged father is found to be the biological father), the Probability of Paternity could be as high as 99.999% or higher.

Since 100% literally means 100% and thus would require testing every man on the planet… All paternity tests will generate results less than 100%. With that in mind, if testing every man on the planet would yield a 100% Probability of Paternity for the Father, consider how precise the testing is to obtain a 99.99% probability while only testing one individual. Extraordinary, yes?

While an inclusion result can be 99.999% or higher, an exclusion result is always 0%. This is because if the genetic profiles of the child and alleged father do not match, there is statistically no chance that the two are biologically related.

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All DNA tests are accredited and legally admissible.

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