DNA Testing Prior to Birth

Patients who wish to determine paternity before the baby is born may take a prenatal paternity test. Like a standard paternity test, the pre-natal DNA test compares the baby’s DNA profile with that of the alleged father. Because the baby’s DNA is set at conception, the prenatal test gives the same conclusive results as the standard paternity test.

Types of Prenatal DNA Tests:

There are a few options available with Pre Natal DNA testing now.

The Newest Prenatal DNA Test:(Non-Invasive)

“Non-Invasive” Prenatal DNA test which involves obtaining a blood sample from the mother and the alleged father. After at least 12 weeks gestation, the baby’s blood and dna are mixed in the mother’s blood stream. By obtaining a sample of Mom’s blood, we are able to isolate the baby’s DNA profile and compare it with that of the alleged father in order to establish paternity. Health-Link is one of the only providers for this procedure and also one of the least costly as well. Current Pricing is $1,500. Please call for details or questions. 1-888-712-9639. Para Español

The Second Prenatal DNA testing method:

Requires obtaining a sample from the womb – To obtain samples from the unborn child, an OB-GYN is required and uses either of two procedures depending on the stage of pregnancy: chorionic villi sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis. The details of each procedure are described below.

Chorionic Villi Sampling Amniocentesis
Stage of pregnancy 10th through 13th week 14th through 24th week
Type of cells collected Cells from the placenta, a membrane surrounding the developing fetus. Loose fetal cells released into the amniotic fluid surrounding the developing fetus
Collection procedure Guided by ultrasound, an OB-GYN uses a catheter through the vagina or a long, hollow needle through the abdomen (depending on the position of the fetus) to collect cells. Guided by ultrasound, an OB-GYN uses a long needle through the abdomen to collect fluid.

Because both procedures are invasive, there are slight medical risks that the mother must discuss with her OB-GYN.

*NOTE: MOST Physicians are not willing to perform the procedures due to the associated risks and suggest waiting until after delivery where there is no associated risks for the mother or child.

However, if your physician determines that the procedure is acceptable please call us with the MD’s contact information and we will coordinate the sample collection for you.

To arrange for a prenatal test, after speaking with your local OB/GYN, please call us immediately to discuss your situation with one of our caring consultants. We can not provide an MD referral list.

For a free consultation or to order a test or call 1-888-712-9639. One of our caring, knowledgeable case managers will review the information you provide and guide you through the testing process.

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