What is a legal DNA paternity test?

You can get Legal DNA Results in your hand this week!

In general, a legal paternity test is one that will stand up to the scrutiny of legal standards. Therefore “legal” DNA testing is typically admissible for matters like child support, custody and social security benefits.

In order to obtain legally admissible results, a few things must happen. First, you must have testing done by an AABB accredited lab. All DNA testing at www.healthlinkdna.com is performed by AABB accredited laboratories.

Second, the collection must be done by a “disinterested third party” and thus can not be self-collected (as is typically done with DNA test kits from stores like CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart). We can coordinate a collection site for you anywhere in the world. AND, we can usually get the DNA Test done even if the Alleged Father is unavailable. https://www.healthlinkdna.com/dna-test-without-father/

Lastly, the collector will take a photograph of the tested parties in order to legally establish who the samples were obtained from.

The tested parties can be in different cities, states or countries. Once all samples arrive in our lab, then from that point we will typically have results to you in about 48 business hours.

DNA testing has never been easier BUT do it right the first time and avoid the extra expense and unnecessary delays. We are here to help you. HealthLinkDNA.com 1-888-712-9639


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