Pro Athlete DNA Testing

Pro Athlete DNA testing is something that we do regularly and give top priority-Paternity testing is usually  a sensitive issue… there is no need to complicate matters further. We understand this fact very well. DNA testing is “what we do” and your privacy is one of our top concerns. We have provided thousands of tests around the world and professionalism, confidentiality and great customer service is the only way we operate.

Many times we are dealing with clients who are facing less than ideal circumstances. Please feel free to contact us for a free, confidential consultation so that we may discuss the best option for you.

We can perform paternity tests with the alleged father in one state and the child may be in another state (or country). Typical DNA Test results are ready in as little as 40-72 hrs.

At Health-Link, we coordinate legal DNA testing world-wide. We provide not only the best price and fastest turn-around time for all types of DNA testing. You can call for a free confidential consultation. 1-888-712-9639. We do the test and you choose what to do with the results.

All testing is AABB Accredited and legally admissible in all 50 States.

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