Are you interested in DNA Test Vermont? We are an American based company, with our primary location in Alabama. We have been providing DNA Paternity Testing almost since it’s inception in 1993. We provide DNA Testing in Vermont as well as every state and internationally. We are able to provide all types of DNA testing whether to simply establish paternity for peace of mind or for legal purposes like child support or custody. DNA testing-it’s what we do. We can also coordinate DNA testing around the globe. Regardless of the location of the parties to be tested, we will work to find local DNA collection sites for all involved. We often coordinate DNA testing for parties in separate cities or states-We recently handled a test with the Alleged father located  in Chicago, Illinois and his 3 small children were in Gambia Africa. So, regardless of your current location, odds are, we can help. DNA testing may be useful or even required for establishing paternity, or obtaining child support or even social security benefits. With just one call we will ask a few simple questions and get to work to help you with 100% confidentiality. City locations available in Vermont:


South Burlington




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