All DNA tests are AABB accredited and Legally Admissible!

DNA Testing Locations

DNA Testing Locations

With just one call, Health-Link can coordinate DNA Testing and sample collections in all 50 states and around the world. Our affiliates in your local community enable us to schedule your appointment close to your home or office, often on the same day you call. Individuals being tested may choose to go to the DNA collection site together or separately. Separate collection appointments can be made even for individuals living in different states. Call us at 1-888-712-9639.

DNA Testing Collection Sites

Become a DNA Collection Site

To become a Collection site for Health-Link and be added to our DNA Testing database, simply provide us with your basic contact information, be sure to include your fax number. We will contact you and provide you with the needed set-up form. Simply complete the set-up form and fax it back to us and your information will then be added to our database. We will contact you whenever we need collection services in your area. Keep in mind, collection sites are selected based on proximity (zip code) as well as price. The typical collection site charges $25 per person to collect samples. The clients will pay for the DNA Collection at the time of service.

The sample collection process consists of:
  1. Verify photo I.D.
  2. Complete the Chain of Custody form
  3. Collect 4 oral swabs per person
  4. Take a photograph to be submitted with the samples (the photo can be Instant- Polaroid or Fuji type or digital and printed) preferably take ONE photo with all tested parties in the same photograph. Have each adult sign and date the photo.
The entire collection process typically takes about 15 minutes and the clients can pay you at the time of service. Please contact us for more information.

DNA test results are certified


All DNA tests are accredited and legally admissible.

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Standard DNA Paternity test includes test kit and lab fees for just $350.

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Results available in as little as 48 hours after samples received in lab.

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