Infidelity Testing Semen-Detection

Do you suspect your spouse or significant other is cheating? Do you have an article of clothing that might be stained with semen? Health-Link can provide you with conclusive answers.

The infidelity-semen detection test is utilized to test for the presence of semen. For many, this is all the information they need. However, if a stain tests positive for seminal fluid, further testing can then be performed to check for the presence of DNA. DNA is extracted from sperm. If the individual has had a vasectomy, spermatazoa should not be present. If sperm and DNA is detected, further testing can be done  to determine if the DNA extracted from the sperm matches your DNA or the DNA of another sample you submit.

All consultations are free and strictly confidential. Please see the “costs” page for further information regarding the specific testing options as well as their associated fees and turn-around times.

For a free consultation or to order a test call 1-888-712-9639. One of our caring, knowledgeable case managers will review the information you provide and guide you through the testing process.

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