7 Fascinating Facts about DNA

We at Health Link DNA consider ourselves fortunate to offer potential customers a chance at a cheap yet significant DNA Paternity testing nationwide. With the ease of access, and even easier ways to connect with us, many people out there who were previously intimidated or weren’t comfortable getting a DNA test done are now opting for it.

Naturally, DNA is very complex and a commonly researched compound all over the world despite numerous developments. As there is still plenty to learn and look forward to, one can’t deny that our DNA is not just an integral part of the body and existence but a truly fascinating one at that.

Here are a few interesting, if not intriguing, facts about our DNA:

1.   Ancient Viruses

After recently having gone through one of the worst pandemics of our lifetimes, it will shock you to learn that some time in the future the COVID-19 virus will become a part of our DNA. Yes, you read that right. The proof is that according to research findings, 8% of our DNA is made up of ancient viruses that used to infect humankind and make us fall sick. Today, they are a part of our DNA and don’t impose any threat whatsoever.

2.   Children of the Mother Earth

Siblings share their DNA with each other, their parents, and other family members. The human race altogether shares common DNA as well. It is profound to learn that we are all 99.5% alike. Out of all the 3 billion pairs of the human genome, only a mere 0.5% is unique. Moreover, why then should we not share our DNA with other children of this planet? Yes, we are 95% similar to other types of primates and share 50% of the same DNA with BANANAS! How cool is that?

3.   Trip to the Sun

While it is technically impossible to go even near the sun, for statistical examples, if our DNA was to be stretched, it would travel from Earth to the sun. However, while you may already be shocked, it won’t just cover the trip once but rather 600 times. Yes, if our DNA is stretched, it can go to the sun and back 600 times as each of our DNA strands, when unwound and linked, can be as long as 6 feet. With the compounding of the human body’s cells going somewhere over 100 trillion, our DNA would travel more than 100 billion miles, covering hundreds of trips to the sun.

4.   Not Enough Speed

You might brag to your friends that you work with great speed and flex that you work for 8 hours a day, unfortunately it is not enough work for boastfulness. Do you know why? Because if you type at a speed of 60 words per minute and work 8 hours a day, it would take you nearly 50 years to type the entire human genome. Talk about great speed now that you are flabbergasted!

5.   Busting Jurassic Park

We all have been there where Jurassic Park made us collectively lose our minds at the thought of dinosaurs being resurrected from their slumber due to genetic mutation and DNA cloning. But scientifically, something like a Jurassic Park event is only a myth many believed after watching the movie. The validation is that DNA has a half-life of 521 years. Hence, the oldest organism that can be cloned cannot be more than 2 million years old. As dinosaurs are older than that (sorry to disappoint or relieve you), we will not see them walk the Earth again.

6.   Travel the World

DNA is fascinating because it can link you to places you would not have imagined in your wildest dreams. Just let a lab check your saliva, and it has the power of telling you things you may have never thought of knowing. For instance, you can find out the regions of the world where your ancestors may have lived hundreds or thousands of years back.

7.   Human Existence

Ever had that epiphany where you suddenly questioned your existence: who am I, where did I come from, how am I alive? Well, your DNA is very much responsible for your existence. DNA replicates and duplicates itself in high fidelity, which is the main reason why humans can exist. In fact, if you ever were to receive a stem-cell transplant, you would exist with two different DNA profiles replicating and duplicating to keep you alive.

In Conclusion

DNA is mind-blowing once you start learning about it. Now that you have uncovered so many fascinating facts about it, why not get a DNA test done? Contact Health Link DNA to get started!


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